The Heart Of MarketingInvest your marketing with Love!

And you will tap into a
Pool of Clear, Persuasive Energy
You can't reach any other way,
A Source of Emotional Connection
Your Customers Can't Resist.

Right now, you're just one step away from bringing The Heart of Marketing into your life, turning your customers into marketing partners - creating partnerships that don't end with the sale, but become relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual regard - long term customer relationships that are the heart of building a successful business. So get ...
Powerful Principles that Connect you heart-to-heart with your customers - clients through Soft Sell Marketing.

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Our groundbreaking Book to Connect your mind, heart and marketing with the wisdom and depth of your soul.
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The Heart of Marketing:
Love Your Customers and They Will
Love You Back

The Heart of Marketing is about soft sell marketing and loving your customers—about the sincere and very real emotional connection that draws customers to you and assures them that they can trust you - and your offer and all that it promises.

It’s about your authenticity, transparency, respect, and partnership—so your customers and clients can clearly see who you are and what you bring to them so they can confidently do business with you.

Traditionally, business has been strictly a numbers game—founded on calculation instead of connection—and the world at large has suffered from commerce that lacks consciousness and emotional connection.

At the center of soft sell marketing is the undeniable fact that we all co-create this life together. We are interconnected and interdependent so that every successful business transaction between you and your customers can only be the result of your mutual collaboration.

Rather then a game of winner take all, your true success occurs when your customer succeeds. And your customer’s success can only be a success when your product or service succeeds.

Soft sell marketing goes beyond merely win-win into genuine, mutual fulfillment that enhances the humanity and well-being of both you and your customers.

As you move deeply into The Heart of Marketing and our soft sell approach you will discover how to practice selling in a new light:

  • Selling with consciousness and conscience;
  • Selling with caring and connection;
  • Selling that makes what goes on in the marketplace an exchange of value, to be sure, but also an exchange of mutual respect and regard—aware of the interdependence that holds together and supports all life on our planet.
  • Said simply, we all need each other. And in that need we would do well to treat each other with consciousness and conscience, aware that marketing and selling has impact. Not a trivial impact. And not just dollars and cents. But the emotional, life-changing impact that remains present long after the sale is complete.

    The Heart of Marketing is dedicated to you and your business as you redefine the process of selling as spiritual service and appreciate the depth of its material, communal, personal, and yes, its true spiritual value.

    Appreciation For The Heart of Marketing Click Here to Order The Book and get $8,400 Free Gifts Now

    This title may sound a little ‘hoofy-poofy’ but don’t let it fool you. Even if you’re a hard-nosed skeptic who shudders at words like ‘love’ and ‘heart’ this book will radically boost your sales. Feeling good about yourself afterwards will just be a nice side effect.
    ~ Mark Joyner, #1 Bestselling Author of Simpleology

    Reading The Heart of Marketing, you’ll find yourself swept into the consciousness enriching experience of relating with your customers as spiritual partners. Unlike many books, here you find spiritual marketing made practical and down to earth, while you are taken on a journey to personal and professional freedom - through the heart.
    ~ Christine Kloser, Best-selling Author of The Freedom Formula

    Before Judith & Jim wrote The Heart of Marketing they lived it every day. They’re real experts in both the heart and marketing. Read this book and discover how to market products with integrity, pride, and consciousness. It will strengthen your business, support your soul, and bring your customers the care and concern they need to keep them loyal to you for a lifetime.
    ~ Scott Martineau, best-selling author of The Power of YOU

    When I read what Judith & Jim say about loving your customers I totally relate and connect. They've laid out the inner and outer magic of marketing with love in a way that every business owner should read and share with their staff members. When you love your customers and really care for them, your business will soar.
    ~ Christina Hills, The Shopping Cart Queen

    Judith & Jim are heart-centered marketers who once again capture and demonstrate the true essence of spiritually motivated, service-based sales and marketing. Each page of The Heart of Marketing provides inspiration, motivation, and how-to for a dynamic and enriching read.
    ~ Alex Mandossian, Creator of Teleseminar Secrets and Virtual Book Tours

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    Principles at the center The Heart of Marketing Click Here to Order The Book and get $8,400 Free Gifts Now

    Powerful Principles that Connect you heart-to-heart with your customers - clients through Soft Sell Marketing.

    Inter-Dependence: It benefits us all, financially and spiritually, to keep aware of how we all depend on one another. When you do, you market through a broader lens of consciousness and a deeper sense of conscience.

    Quoting John Muir, naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club—“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

    Emotional Connection:

    The Heart of Marketing
    validates and supports the value of the heart-to-heart connections you bring to the marketplace. The felt connection between seller and buyer creates a level of emotional authenticity and transparency that adds an entire dimension to a sale beyond mere commercial transaction.

    Selling Is Spiritual Service:

    Soft sell marketers struggle with the split between the desire to be of service and the need to be well paid. Historically they have been viewed as care-givers who should work without ambition for money, because it was thought that money would corrupt the service they offer.

    That’s a false notion and we repudiate it. There is a deep validity and social value inherent in soft sell marketers’ ambition to generate money as it ranks second but equal to their concern for the well-being of their customers and clients.


    Love is not so much a “to do” as a “to be.” It’s the doorway to the powerful core of soft sell marketing:

  • Love for the people you are serving;
  • Love for their needs;
  • Love for your product or service;
  • Love for the benefits you provide;
  • Love for your self and what you bring to the world
  • .
    When you love your customers, they will love you back with their trust, their willingness to spread the word about you, and their loyalty. They will be your partners in the business you are co-creating.
    Our goal is to open and inspire your soft sell imagination and set a foundation for using soft sell marketing to grow your business as you grow your Self.
    More Appreciation for The Heart of Marketing Click Here to Order The Book and get $8,400 Free Gifts Now

    Finally, a practical, heart-centered approach to creating customer relationships that feeds your business and expands your soul. Judith & Jim have changed the rules of marketing and make it easy for anyone to be, do and have more of what they want in business and in life.
    ~ Stephanie Frank, President, Success IQ University,

    Have you ever felt that still, small voice telling you there was something 'icky' about your marketing? Have you ever wished you could sell more of your products or services - and still be in alignment with your spiritual values? This book shows you how. Read it and be impressed. Put it into action, and be transformed.
    ~ Ray Edwards, Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

    We are in the midst of a great planetary awakening in our personal lives, as well as in our businesses. In this amazing book, Judith & Jim share their unique ability to articulate the need for morality, compassion, and oneness in the new world of Internet marketing. Their words of wisdom will help you to open and shape the way that you view your business, how you interact with others, and guide you down the path to a world of win/win for you and your clients.
    ~ Jody Colvard, CEO and Executive Producer, FMG Network

    In The Heart of Marketing Judith & Jim give voice to powerful thoughts and concepts that many information marketers have been thinking and feeling for years. This book is an expression of the beginning of a movement that is changing the face of marketing as we have always known it. A new day is dawning, and I strongly urge you to get and use this book and come along.
    ~ Jeff Herring, The Article Marketing Guy

    -Judith & Jim let their love for soft sell marketing shine through. It’s contagious! If you know in your heart that you are not a hard-sell type, this book is for you. If somewhere deep inside you know that your passion and love need an outlet, this book is for you.
    ~ Cathy Perkins, The Word Press Wizard

    I really like the message embodied in The Heart of Marketing. Part marketing, part self growth, part spiritual expansion, this book opens the way for your much larger future while changing the way we've all thought about business and making money.
    ~ David Riklan, Founder,

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    Gratitude or Complaint - Your Choice
    Dr. Toni talks about all the ways we often unknowingly 'complain' as the opposite of a life lived in gratitude.

    At the Heart of Marketing is a heart of Gratitude. This bonus will both provoke and inspire you to live with "no complaints whatsoever."

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    Eight Steps to Kick Start Your Practice

    This ebook was designed with the holistically-oriented health care professional, or healing arts practitioner, in mind. The content, techniques, ideas, and tips are based on many years of experience in the "Business of Wellness".

    Entrepreneur Marilee Tolen, one of the country's first 25 nurses to become Board Certified in Holistic Nursing, says

    Along with her own successful businesses, Marilee is a Marketing Specialist in the Holistic Health Care Industry. Her monthly column "Money As Energy" is widely read among Holistic Health Care Professionals.

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    Magnetizing: The Guidebook To Achieving Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual Abundance E-Book

    When you use the principles of magnetizing, you don’t simply let life 'happen' to you.

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    Legendary Marketer's Action Plan to Millions

    Access to 10 videos featuring the worlds greatest internet Marketers:

    Russell Brunson
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    Gary Ambrose
    Brad Fallon

    Each legendary marketers divulges exactly what it takes to make money online. These 10 videos detail their successes, failures, and the tools and resources you need to make millions online.

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    Overcoming Perfectionism

    Have you ever had a hard time leaving well enough alone? Have you ever been accused of being a perfectionist? If so, this special report, “Overcoming Perfectionism” is a must-read for you.

    In doing research for my #1 best seller, “How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without”, Glenn Shepard and his team surveyed the CEO’s of 7,000 companies and asked what they consider to be “reasonable mistakes”, when good enough is good enough, and at what point they considered someone crossing the line into the paralyzing, productivity-killing state known as perfectionism.

    Their answers will shock you.

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    5 Steps to Attracting the Customers You Want Using The Law Of Attraction

    In this report, I look at the five steps to attracting the customers you want from the viewpoint of four businesses who sell vegetables in very different ways.

    Holding very different values, they behave in different ways, and thus attract exactly the right customers for them.

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    Become a Best-Selling Author Without a Publisher

    Discover how to become a best-selling author without an agent or publisher.

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    Five Secrets to Start Writing Your First Book Tonight

    Do you have a book in your head?

    Discover the five secrets that will help you stop procrastinating . . .

    And start writing your first book, or ebook, tonight.

    Value $27.00

      Therese Skelly                          Gift #41

    The Power of Dreaming Big: How to Find, Grow, and Give Birth to Your Dream

    This material has been designed for you to discover...

  • What might possibly stand in the way of getting what you think you want
  • How to create and embody the identity of a Big Dreamer to encourage faster results in your business
  • Simple ways to support and nourish your dream
  • Creative ideas on how to stay incredibly focused
  • Much, much more...

  • Here's what's included...

  • The Power of Dreaming Big: 50 minute audio download
  • The Power of Dreaming Big workbook download
  • Value $47.00

      James Roche                          Gift #42

    The Conscious Entrepreneur Success Kit

    As a conscious entrepreneur, you know the importance of both making a difference AND making a profit.

    That’s why I put together this success kit that helps you do both. You’ll get my popular Special Report, “Insider's Secret to Creating Information Products That Sell”.

    You’ll also get a live audio I recently recorded with my friend, Ali Brown, that’s jam packed with the exact strategies I’ve shared with my clients to help them create info products that sell!

    You’ll also get my Golden Rolodex.

    Click the link on this page to gain full access to your success kit.

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       Dr. Letitia Wright                          Gift #43

    Recession Proof Your Business!

    You need 2 things to make your business work!

  • Money to start or grow your business and . . .
  • Publicity so that enough people KNOW about your business.

  • ANY business can have all the money and publicity they want, when they know how!

    This e-book has the resources for getting both!

    Value $19.95

      Shelby Collinge                           Gift #44

    Two Free Gifts from Mindset Expert

    By registering you will INSTANTLY receive a four page report on 'The Top 50 Limiting Beliefs and How to Release Them Forever' for absolutely no charge. With this tool you will SEE what beliefs you're making true in your own life. You will also learn step by step how to un-root those beliefs and shed them from your consciousness.
    You will also receive download instructions via email to instantly access my 60 minute mind blowing audio program 'Mindset Secrets to Leveraging the Law of Attraction' absolutely FREE.

    Value $68.00

       Marsh Engle                          Gift #45

    Unleash the Power of Your Expertise

  • Discover the Essentials of Your Vision.
  • Define the Language to Powerfully Describe It.
  • Design an Action Plan to Move Forward.

  • In this 60 minute teleclass you'll discover and define the REAL power of your gifts & talents, find ways to reach your target audience and propel your career and business to unparalleled results & revenue!

    1. Give clarity & focus to your expertise
    2. Define your greatest vision in an engaging, high vibration language
    3. Set free new streams of prosperity and abundance
    4. Clarify a set of empowered actions for optimum results, resources & revenue.

    Be sure to click the Register button on the next page.

    Value $97.00

       Joe Nunziata                          Gift #46

    Stop Chasing Business

    Now You Can:

    Stop Chasing and Start Attracting the Perfect Clients and Opportunities in Half the Time

    Are you tired of the traditional, old fashioned sales and marketing techniques? The old, if you do this they will do that sales pitch designed to close the deal is dead.

    Now you can sell from your heart and completely transform your business and life. Based on the principles in my new bestselling book "Spiritual Selling."

    Value $67.00

       Lynn Pierce                          Gift #47

    Millionaire's Business Blueprint: Success from the Inside Out

    19 Secrets of Super Success: How to Master the Conscious and Unconscious Habits That Could Make You a Super Success" is your blueprint for life, working from the inside on how you communicate with yourself.

    How you communicate with the world is improved with "Getting To Yes; Offline Strategies to Increase Your Online Profits" could turn your business into an ATM with detailed, easy to use conscious, service-based sales and communication strategies from Lynn Pierce, The Success Architect!

    Value $341.00

       Lori & Jeff Wark                          Gift #48

    10 Minute Information Empire

    Drive traffic to your website, add subscribers to your list and develop information products to market your business and increase sales!

    “Your 10 Minute Information Empire audio is great, fun and really informative. I've heard all the other GURUS out there with their new cars, walking through their new house or standing on the shore talking about who knows what and for just $XXX.XX I can get all their secrets.

    If I could only get my life back for the time I just wasted listening to these guys. All I can say, Lori and Jeff is this... I want more of what you guys are offering.”

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       Stephen & Gina Bell                          Gift #49

    Networking Success Kit

    A little planning goes a long way! Finally, know exactly what you need to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER networking to get the results you REALLY want!

    Claim Your Networking Success Kit today and discover how to...

  • Develop your networking toolkit
  • Be more confident and memorable
  • Make more meaningful connections
  • Follow up to build profitable relationships
  • Rev up your referrals
  • Leverage new and existing relationships
  • And much more!

  • Value $237.00

      Carolyn Ellis                          Gift #50

    How to Meet Any Challenge and WIN with The THRIVE Principles™

    Life is always throwing us curve balls like financial setbacks, relationship breakdowns, or health challenges, to name just a few. The journey to create and market your business successfully is full of unexpected pitfalls.

    If you’d like to transform ADVERSITY into OPPORTUNITY, you can by using The THRIVE Principles™.

    In this engaging, 50-minute interview with best-selling author & success strategist, Carolyn Ellis, you'll learn six universal principles that can help you meet any challenge life throws your way and WIN EVERY TIME!

    Value $24.95

       Anita Pathik Law                          Gift #51

    Resonant Listbuilding Strategies for Soul-based Entrepreneurs

    This content rich package includes a handout and two 90 minute audios from Anita Pathik Law, Jeff Keep, and Special Guests sharing powerful wisdom such As . . .

  • Why list building is one of the most critical missing pieces for conscious Entrepreneurs
  • How to perform a reality check that will keep you in alignment with your values
  • The effective and strategic steps we took to grow aligned communities who love what we have to offer Why you need to get over a few beliefs and behaviors that counter your success,

  • Dos and don’ts (based on our own success and failures) for resonant marketing and list building

    Value $97.00

      Lou D’Alo                          Gift #52

    Marketing With Heart: A Special Teleseminar With Judith and Jim

    Download this very special audio recording and digital ebook and listen as Judith and Jim talk with Lou D'Alo about the secrets of building a heart-centered business and the essence of a spiritual entrepreneur.

    Recorded before the book was written, you'll hear a sensitive and moving conversation that reveals Judith and Jim's deep commitment to this work, and the principles and vision that ultimately manifested the beautiful new book, "The Heart of Marketing."

    Value $97.00

      Jeff Herring                           Gift #53

    2 Instant Article Creation Templates

    Craft more articles in less time than you ever thought possible with these 2 Instant Article Creation Templates

    Complete with suggested titles and example articles....

    Value $97.00

      Maritza Parra                          Gift #54

    Easy Product Creation Secrets Video

    My Easy Product Creation Secrets Video will teach you:

  • How to Make an Audio Recording for Free
  • Turn It Into An Ebook
  • Turn That Into a Video
  • Turn That into a Whole Program to Sell Over and Over Again!

  • Value $297.00

       Jan Marie Dore                           Gift #55

    The Women Entrepreneurs Success Kit

    From Jan Marie Dore, the Professional Women’s Success Coach and Founder of “The Eight Insider Marketing Secrets of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs and Solo Professionals” . . .

  • A marketing strategies action workbook and the tips list
  • “101 Marketing Strategies to Fill Your Professional Practice.”

  • You’ll learn what separates high earning women from those who don’t reach their goals and how to attract all the clients you need to fill your professional practice.

    Value $27.00

      Janet Beckers                          Gift #56

    The Law of Attraction in Action Vol 2

    Have you ever wondered why, given the same opportunities, some people create amazing success while the rest see no change in their lives at all?

    Until you understand how The Law of Attraction works and have some action steps that actually work, you will not attract the success (however YOU define it) you deserve.

    This gift can help you.

  • 300 pages of inspiration from 50 successful women from around the world.
  • Every chapter focuses on ACTION, with over 150 practical action steps you can use to start attracting success in your life TODAY.

  • Value $47.00

       Ellen Violette                       Gift #57

    The 1-eBook Solution Gift Pack

    Want the secret to creating massive passive income from a single ebook? You’ll get it in this jaw-dropping special report!

    Want to overcome any obstacles you face writing a successful ebook? You’ll get it in this 1-hour no-holds barred audio!

    Want to learn insider tips and tricks to making money online? You’ll get it with my eBook Profit Secrets Newsletters plus to get started 9 insider tips delivered directly to you by email!

    This gift pack is a "MUST HAVE" for anyone who wants to work less and make more online as quickly as possible!

    Value $211.00

      Signe Dayhoff                          Gift #58

    Your Soft-Sell Marketing Self-Assessment

    Your Soft-Sell Marketing Self-Assessment" is a 40-item questionnaire which will help you determine:

  • The current state of your business
  • The purpose you want to achieve
  • The degree to which you are already employing soft-sell marketing techniques
  • What is currently working for you and what is not.

  • It lays the foundation for creating effective, professional, comfortable, and confident soft-sell marketing.

    Value $79.00

       Jay Aaron                       Gift #59

    Twitternar Tuesday Success Interview Bundle

    Twitternar Tuesdays is a weekly series of free and premium interviews featuring Jay Aaron's friends and colleagues presenting about personal, professional and business success.

    Each week generates 2 1/2 hours of high-value, content-rich audio recordings. Visit the HOM offer page to learn about each Featured Presenter and then use your coupon to select ANY week's recordings in the archives absolutely free!

    Value $27.00

      Marty Fahncke                         Gift #60

    Seven ways to successfully promote your business on the internet…

    Seven ways to successfully promote your business on the internet… with or WITHOUT a web site!

    Designed for any business, large or small.

    Instant, on-demand video containing powerful tools, simple tactics, and specific case studies demonstrating measurable, significant Return On Investment (ROI), along with strategies you can implement RIGHT AWAY to increase your revenue.

    To access your "Free Gift", click "add to cart"on the next page and then enter your coupon code "HEART" on the next page.

    Value $20.00

    Len Schwartz                            Gift #61

    How To Dominate Your Market And Become The Best Known Expert Of Your Speciality In Your City

    This audio will teach you the "7 Musts of Marketing" and how to generate a steady flow of new patients/clients/business for as long as you are in practice/business.

    Value $1997.00

    Heather Tate                            Gift #62

    Hay House Gift Package

    Experience a wealth of motivational products from Hay House with a gift package that will help you live a deeply fulfilling and inspired life.

    Some of your favorite Hay House authors share the best of what they have learned about inspiration, motivation, well-being, relationships, wealth and spirituality.

    Value $50.00


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